Four Things To Consider When Designing Your Business Cards

We all know how important business cards are in today’s digital age. While arguments about the need for a printed set of cards have been made over and over again, the importance of a printed piece in pushing your brand can still not be overemphasized. If you are considering printing your own business cards, we have put together four important things we believe you should consider as you create your business cards.

1. Your brand Image

Consider the image you want your business cards to project. This should reflect in your choice of colour, font, layouts and even images used. We love it when photographers make use of their pictures on the reverse side of their business cards, this tells the prospects what to expect from you the moment you hand out your business cards. Your business cards should present you as someone people can do business with. That’s why they are called BUSINESS cards anyway.

2. Your Industry

We believe your business cards should reflect your industry. Receiving a multi coloured business cards from a legal practitioner could send a bad signal to a prospect. You can break boundaries but do not over do it. Design your business card to fit with the space in which you play.

3. Simplicity

Simplicity is the mother of all sophistication. A well laid out piece of business card will always be appreciated over a cluttered piece. Keep it simple, put only relevant information.  If you notice one side of your business card is already getting too busy, flip it over and add the information to the rear side. Keep in mind. It is a business card, not a billboard.

4. Your online presence

Your business card must lead your prospect to where they can find you online. Addresses, phone numbers, emails and websites are regular information anyone would expect on a business card. Go the extra mile by adding your Twitter handle, Facebook page, LinkedIn URL. It shows people where they can connect with you on social media. Let your business card help drive online engagements.

Finally, we are not that perfect, if you find anything you think we have not added to our tips, feel free to add it in the comment box below.

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